Only a matter of weeks after two Conger Eels were found on the shore of Loch Ness opposite Tor Point another exotic species was discovered in the loch on Saturday 2nd June 2001.

The eels were large - one weighed 20 kg and measured over 1.8 metres (6 ft) in length, and were a long way from their normal habitat in the sea. The newcomer was small, weighing less than 100 grams, and measured about 15cm (6")  but made up for its small size with a powerful smell.

Copyright © 2001 Dick Raynor
Exotic fish found by Dick Raynor

Provisionally identified as a Roach, - but possibly a Rudd - the fish was found floating in Urquhart Bay harbour and was photographed from a boat before it was netted and conveyed to the scientific community for examination. Neither species is normally found in Highlands lochs, but could have been brought here by anglers as bait.