Other Lake Monster and Cryptozoological Web Sites

Other web sites with factual information about Loch Ness research were so rare at the end of 1999 that I felt compelled to start this one. There are several which I could not recommend to anyone with an interest in the Truth, and merely starting on this page is like stepping into a minefield. Some sites simply restate the old (post 1933) "tourist myth" (now entirely discredited) without editorial comment, some sites knowingly promote invented material for commercial gain, and some are solely designed to publicise the webmasters.

Having checked all that I could find, I think that the sites below are worth a visit. If your favourite  web site isn't here it may be that I simply don't know about it, so please email me and tell me about it.


so, in something like alphabetical order, try :

http://www.sea-monster.org - Charles Paxton's  scientific site about unknown animals

http://www.seanfromvermont.com/Champsite.html - Sean Clogston's  well-balanced introduction to Lake Champlain's monster

http://www.beckjord.com - The "paranormalist" Erik Beckjord's site

http://www.cfz.org.uk/    -  The Centre for Fortean Zoology site

http://www.izoo.org/isc - The International Society of Cryptozoology site

http://www.loch-ness.org - Tony Harmsworth's site

http://www.lochnessresearch.co.uk/    - Richard Carter's new web site

http://www.lochnessproject.org  - The Loch Ness Project web site

http://www.monsterhunters.org/   - The Academy of Applied Science website

http://www.mysteryanimalsofireland.com/Homepage.htm    - Nick Sucik's in depth look at Irish mystery creatures

http://www.ncf.ca/~bz050/HomePage.cryptoz.html  - Ben S. Roesch's Cryptozoology  site

http://www.nessie-sery.co.uk - Steve Feltham's site

http://perso.wanadoo.fr/cryptozoo  - Michel Raynal's Institut Virtuel de Cryptozoologie site

http://www.pibburns.com/cryptozo.htm - Pib Burns' excellent and comprehensive resource

and, at


you can get acquainted with the loch by taking a cruise with George Edwards, or even the Web Master!