Loch Ness Media Resources & Image Consultancy
" I wish we had found you right at the start".

I am happy to assist television production companies and others  portraying the interesting story of the Loch Ness Monster. Programme researchers finding potentially useful material on my web site can simply email me to take matters further, and are assured of the most accurate information available on the subject - how they use it is entirely up to them! I have been involved in the story since 1967, and have lived in the local area for 30 years. 
I have a considerable library of archive stills, and an ever increasing catalogue of digital video of underwater sequences,  clips showing monster-like surface events, research activity and general views. Much of this is available for immediate, same-day world-wide dispatch by FedEx etc. to your studio as .avi or .jpg files on 4.7Gb DVD, and all my material is "correctly described"!
Please send your enquiry to  and it will be given priority.

The last three production companies I have worked with have all said " I wish we had found you right at the start".

Image Consultancy
One of the fascinating aspects of the Nessie story is the amount of "Nessie" evidence which turns out, upon close examination, to be something else.

My "day job" is specialist technical photography, carrying out work for museums, newspapers, local government departments and industry. My background is in marine engineering and general science, and I build underwater tv systems as a hobby.

I have analysed a number of well known "Nessie" images myself, and collaborated in analysing some others. With media organisations nowadays paying £1k- £10k for pictures, News Editors may find my comments useful when negotiating with the vendor.  It's a jungle out there!

I also carry out work for law firms involving c.c.t.v. footage study, analysis and stills production.