In this recently published book Gary Cunningham and Ronan Coghlan present a  comprehensive collection of reports of unidentified creatures from a wide variety of locations in Ireland. By giving us the full accounts, together with excellent geographical data, the interested reader can in some cases begin to form some opinions of their possible identities, while other cases remain stubbornly inexplicable.

 In 1968, one year after my first expedition to Loch Ness, some LNI members went to Connemara, Ireland, to investigate reports of strange aquatic creatures seen in the area. This group included Capt. Lionel Leslie and Ted Holiday, and while Ted published his thoughts on the subject Lionel's notes and manuscripts were never published and were thought to be lost. I was delighted to read that the authors of this book have managed to locate them, and have drawn on their wealth of material for parts of this work.

The book does not restrict  itself to lake monsters though, and contains reports of all manner of animal mysteries including mythological monsters, sea serpents, werewolves, hybrids, mermaids, dwarf wolves and the terrible "Master Otter" or dobarchu.

For the reader interested in animal mysteries this is an indispensable source of reference material, while the more casual reader is likely to be taken aback by some of the encounters, and will never look into an Irish lough the same way again.

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