News at 20th June 2000

Seals back in Loch Ness

Seals have again been reported in Urquhart Bay during the week ending 18th June. At this time of year water birds like mergansers and divers are taking their new broods out onto the water, and the highly mobile groups frequently confuse inexperienced observers,  generating "monster sightings" in the process. The additional reported presence of seals will create a  higher than normal  probablility of a "sighting" until the seals are shot by the Ness District Fishery Board.

Pumas blamed for livestock kills.

There has been a recent upsurge in livestock losses attributed to big cats, believed to be pumas, in the Inverness area. One was nearly hit crossing a road near Drumnadrochit. Campers be warned.

Black-Throated Divers seen.

I have seen a pair of Black-Throated Divers both in Dores Bay and near Urquhart Castle over the past two
weeks. They are magnficent birds, looking very similar to the object in the Lake Champlain "Mansi" photograph
when photographed from the correct angle. I only just failed to get some video of them on 18th June.