Unusual Sonar Contact at Loch Ness

During a commercial cruise on July 1st 2001 the Skipper of the M.V. Nessie Hunter  noticed an unusual target on the Furuno sonar display. The image was stored and later photographed.  The location of the contact lay on the usual tour route and had already been passed over by both the M.V. Nessie Hunter and M.V.Deepscan several times earlier in the day without anything being noticed. M.V.Deepscan was informed of the contact, and despite keen interest neither boat recorded anything in that location on any subsequent cruise.

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Unusual Sonar Contact from MV Nessie Hunter 01-07-01

No claims are being made, and no explanation or description of the contact is offered at this stage as the sonar has not yet been calibrated. Tests using calibration spheres will be carried out as soon as practicable. Comparison shots will then be made available. These images are being shown here at this time so that other people using sonar on Loch Ness this summer can be aware of them and keep an eye out for similar targets. The location was approximately halfway between the Lenie Mile Post and Urquhart Castle. A precise fix will be supplied later.

If any viewers have an informed opinion as to the possible causes please offer them to
mail at lochnessinvestigation dot org       Thank you.

Enlarged view: The yellow lines have been added to indicate the 20 and 40 metre range lines.

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View of Sonar Unit:

Copyright © Dick Raynor 2001 All Rights Reserved

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