Sunken Logs

 It should not come as a surprise to discover that there are many logs, trees and stumps in Loch Ness, since they grow all around it. They are a constant danger to submersibles and ROVs, and can be rather frightening for divers of a nervous disposition. This example of a stumpsaurus was located by sonar near Temple Pier during Operation Deepscan in 1987, and was first identified and photographed underwater by Dick Raynor. The existence of something  at that location was postulated 11 years earlier by Tim Dinsdale and Dick Raynor working independently on an assessment of the Academy of Applied Science's 1975 underwater photograph (centre).

Stumps'r'us     Loch Ness Tree Stump
      Copyright Dick Raynor 1987, 2000

Some other writers believe, or say they believe, that the Academy of Applied Science 1975 "Gargoyle Head" photo (centre) genuinely shows an unknown animal..I have written a response to one particularly ill-informed writer, in the style of the other writer's original page, here