First Two Videos Available Now

Now you can see for yourself!   The original underwater tapes recorded during 1999 from the "Nessie Hunter" have been copied onto digital video and I now have VHS PAL standard videotapes for sale. Some dives in the area of Urquhart Castle show archaeological debris from the ruins, never seen before, while other dives in Urquhart Bay show encounters with eels and other fish in their world of constant darkness.  Viewers will gain a valuable insight into the underwater environment, and future investigators will find the images useful in designing their own programmes of research.

I now have a stock of PAL versions of this tape, which runs for a total of about 90 minutes. They will be "in the shops" next week, but you can get them now from me for £15 inc. postage to UK and European addresses.  An NTSC  version will be available for £17.50 next month, but please add the cost of the postage service you desire for 350g.

And there is more!  The surface monitoring camera has been producing excellent results, and a massive 180* minute tape, 28 days of continuous* daylight recordings is now available for less than the cost of a tank of petrol...much less, in fact.

The time lapse sequences are really impressive, they show you Loch Ness in another dimension - Time. For Loch Ness enthusiasts, they represent a whole month of loch-side observation, without the midges. The camera records one picture every 5 seconds, so nothing significant is missed, and if you chose to do so you could play back the film at the same rate and you would have fun for a month.

For those who are not " surface enthusiasts", look upwards and you will see that this video contains some really beautiful imagery of the clouds. Everyone will enjoy the changing scenery above water level. The stylised image on the front cover is based on a scan from the video, and shows the area of Urquhart Bay, with Urquhart Castle just about dead centre, while to the left, the view continues the entire 30 km to Fort Augustus. After dusk, car headlights are recorded coming from Invermoriston towards Urquhart Castle, from Drumnadrochit towards the "Clansman", and from Inverfarigaig towards Dores.

The price for this tape, PAL version, direct from me is £17.50 inc. postage to UK and European addresses, or £30 for both tapes together. The NTSC version will be available next month for £19.50 - I have no facility for making them myself as yet.

For visitors, it is a great reminder of the beauty of the loch, and for Nessie enthusiasts it is a great introduction to surface watching as the loch is shown in many of its different moods. There are over 250,000 frames of Loch Ness on this tape recorded during February and March 2000, and they have not yet been studied in detail...


Post your order to:

Dick Raynor, 4 Kilmuir, North Kessock, Inverness, IV1 3ZG Scotland UK

One copy of The First Underwater Video (PAL) costs £15.00
One copy of The First Time Lapse Video (PAL) costs £17.50

Order both together and pay only  £30.00, saving £2.50

Both titles are in stock today (9th April 2000)

Postage is Free to UK  and European  destinations, using First Class  and Air Mail Small Packet services. Make your cheque payable in UK Pounds to "R.H.Raynor", and know that your support goes directly into the research programme.

Once all the originals have been copied to digital, it should be possible to offer a custom service to specialist users.
If you need to know more, email me, or write.

I look forward to hearing from you.

PS  Oops! Department: 29th March 2000

1. When first posted, this page referred to a 200 minute tape. The original SVHS tape is that long, but had to be edited to fit on the standard E-180 minute PAL production version.
2. The recordings are continuous, but sections of lens flare, and night-time,  have been edited out. The days included  on this first video are not all consecutive, because some were too dull. dull.

And then there were three!