George Edwards - MV Deepscan videos
The George Edwards - MV Deepscan videos compared examined


                                                  Video A                                                                                       Video B

                                                                                            Copyright Loch Ness Project 2013


Video A was recorded on board George Edwards' cabin cruiser "Nessiehunter" in August 2013, and you can hear George describing the video as a "DVD which I recorded when I was diving in  Loch Ness."


Video B is from a VHS tape carried on board the research and passenger vessel MV "Deepscan" and shows the bottom of the loch recorded through the Loch Ness Project's underwater tv camera around 2002. A few years later on a day when "Nessiehunter" had  broken down, George Edwards was allowed to borrow "Deepscan" for a whole day to fulfill his commitments. He repaid that generosity by taking the opportunity to copy the VHS tape without permission and is now passing it off as his own work.

Depending on your connection speed, the videos may or may not run synchronously, but they are clearly from the same Loch Ness Project recording.