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Underwater sound recording experiments November 4th /5th 2014


These recordings were made during tests on various new items. Most of the tests on homemade transducers produced nothing of interest.

The two recordings below were made using my original DolphinEar hydrophone connected into the line input of an Olympus LS-11 recorder using the PCM 96 kHz 24-bit setting. The versions on this page have been converted to .mp3 format. The first was made at Temple Pier jetty with the hydrophone 1 metre below the surface deployed over the side of the Castle Cruises tour boat. 

Click here -  68.mp3 - for the usual sounds of Urquhart Bay in light rain.

Today - November 5th 2014 I offered to demonstrate the hydrophone system to passengers on my cruise which ended at about 4 pm. I took the boat to the area of the river mouth in Urquhart Bay where I hoped to let them sample the underwater soundscape. When I turned on the system  to play through the p.a. system this is what we heard. The only other boat I had seen on Loch Ness all day was the Jacobite Warrior, and this was the sound of it approaching and manoeuvring into the Clansman Harbour over 5 km away, and not even in a direct line with us.

Click here - 201411051550hrs.mp3 to enjoy "The Silent World"

Panasonic FZ72, shooting through holes in the clouds. 

(most settings were "auto", original file is in HD - 1920 x 1080 with stereo sound, zoom is towards the long end.)

Example of predator echolocation recorded on seashore near my home

Click here - echolocation.mp3





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