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26/ Creature filmed 9th August 2014 - Newest!

25/ Cameron Lake photo discussed

22/ Dr Roy P Mackal, 1925 - 2013

20/ The curious history of George Edwards' underwater video  - revealed 2013/09/09

10/ George Edwards claims and pictures - discussed. Updated

24/ Ogopogo - looking at the 1987 Kelowna video

21/ Some thoughts on infrasound at Loch Ness - 2013/09/12

19/ Reflections  on  Tim Dinsdale's 1960 film  - updated with new calculations.

18/ The Sonar Chart of 8th August 1972 - No trace of a monster. New

17/ The Flipper Pictures of 8th August 1972 - re-examined Updated

16/ Surface photography at Ness & Morar - updated with genuine LNI 35mm 36" Wray lens film clip. Updated 2013/06/09

15/ Smiths Film experiment - a clip from a 2002 experiment carried out by Carter, Kitwood, Raynor & others.

23/ Messing with equipment - what it says.   

14/ Weather & Light effects - some "monster sightings" may have unusual but mundane explanations. (see also 7 & 11)

13/ Frontiers Of Zoology - addresses a few incorrect assertions on Dale Drinnon's blog.

12/ The Lachlan Stuart Photograph examined.  - a discussion and a tale of hay.

11/ White monsters - and a possible explanation of Mr Richard  Preston's photos from Aldourie in 2010.  

9/   Monsters on Sonar - a basic guide to images on sonar screens.

8/   Visibility in Loch Ness - some video clips old and new.

7/   Oddities on the surface - some video clips that might make you look twice.

6/   Nessieland Castle Monster Centre - the visitor centre that charges you to see pictures on my website.

5/   Seeing dark shapes under the water ? - I don't think it is possible in Loch Ness  (on Cryptozoology.com)

4/   Seeing things  under the water - an earlier discussion.

3/   Mr Jon Rowe's 2011 photo - discussion of the photos (on Cryptozoology.com)

2/   The Hargreaves sighting from Foyers 2011 - discussion of the range, and human eyesight (on Cryptozoology.com)

1/   How deep is Loch Ness?  - video shows sonar reading 263 metres near Urquhart Castle & I have deeper ones!

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