Dr Roy P Mackal, 1925 - 2013


Those connected with Loch Ness research in the 1960's and 1970's will have been saddened to learn that Roy passed away in September 2013. One of his contributions was to take 1960's investigation from passive "monster waiting" to active "monster hunting" with the aim of obtaining a tissue sample which would identify the "creatures".  This was carried out from small boats drifting on the loch at night in 1968 and from Dan Taylor's submarine "Viperfish" in 1969. He also secured funding for the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau from U.S. sources which enabled the Bureau to continue operations until the end of 1972.



As a tip of the hat to Roy's work and influence I offer this December 2013 picture featuring an original LNI crossbow and biopsy dart. It also includes, from left to right, a toast to Roy in malt whisky, a screen shot from a modern imaging sonar record, two of his books, my 35mm movie camera assembled in 1970 and a 1960's portrait of Roy in his lab.


If some of us remaining students of Loch Ness phenomena believe we can see beyond the ideas formulated by pioneers like Roy Mackal it is not because we are greater than they were, it is because we are standing on their shoulders.




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